Persona 5 Royal/Unused Text – The Cutting Room Floor

Persona 5 Royal/Unused Text – The Cutting Room Floor

persona casual outfits - Persona 5 Royal/Unused Text - The Cutting Room Floor

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Debug Text


Debug Mode

with morgana
no morgana

Debug Mode

stage 1
stage 2
stage 3

Debug Mode

1st time
2nd time


This is for hanging in the bathhouse with either Ryuji or Yusuke.

Debug Mode

Ryuji (1st)
Ryuji (normal)
Yusuke (1st)
Yusuke (normal)

MSG_DEBUG_2 [Debug]
Season Select Mode



Debug Mode

Sojiro (1st)
Sojiro (normal)
Takemi (1st)
Takemi (normal)


MSG_DEBUG [for debug]
NPC Appearance Debug
Who’ll appear?


MSG_DEBUG_2 [for debug]
debug mode

General course
Rush of customers course
Alone course

MSG_DEBUG_4 [Counter debug]
Counter debug

Keep as is
Return to 0
Go to MAX


This is for the part-time job at Ore no Beko, either encountering Ryuji or Yoshida.

Friend appears



[N] is number.

How many friends should I bring?

Up to Ann (Default).
Up to Yusuke.
Up to Makoto.
Up to Futaba.
Up to Haru.
Up to Akechi.
Up to Sumire.
Start as is.

Who was called?

Force settings
Do nothing

Ryuji was called.
Morgana was called.
Ann was called.
Yusuke was called.
Makoto was called.
Haru was called.
Futaba was called.
Akechi was called.
Sumire was called.
Play alone.


For a rematch, select if you play with the second person and what mode to play in.

If you have max rank with the other person, choose the mode at this time.

Refresh the score on the display.

Switch display to “Mode Select status”.

Set the partner’s position at the counter.

Switch the display mode to “Game status”

Finish Mode test
When remaining points are below 60,[n]activate conversations for Finish.

Set the starting score for this game.

The challenge score for Game 1 is [N].

The challenge score for Game 2 is [N].

The challenge score for Game 3 is [N].

Display debug messages?


Calculated Challenge Score this time is [NN]


This is for billiards.






MSG_TEST_01 [Morgana]

ジャンプ 大成功
ジャンプ 成功
ジャンプ 失敗
バック 大成功
バック 成功
バック 失敗
マッセ 大成功
マッセ 成功
マッセ 失敗



This is for the jazz club.

4/1 4/3 デバッグメニュ


Unused Field Event Text
D01_04_e160_090_mes01 [Ryuji]
Y’know, lookin’ at his face this close up, he seriously looks like such a piece o’ shit.

D01_04_e160_090_mes02 [Ann]
…What’re we even doing up here?
I don’t wanna look at his face… It’s making me nauseous.

D01_04_e160_090_mes03 [Morgana]
Just keep it together, guys…
We came all the way up here—you’d think there would be a purpose.

Let’s try pulling on his chin.
Let’s move on.

D01_e160_090_selA_0_mes0 [Morgana]
His chin?
Now that I think about it, we did do that earlier to a Kamoshida statue and it lowered a bridge for us, so…
I guess it reasons that this huge statue could have a huge switch in it, too…

D01_e160_090_selA_0_mes02 [Ann]
How’re we gonna pull it, though?
Won’t we need a lot more strength to pull something this huge?

D01_e160_090_selA_0_mes03 [Morgana]
Good point. If only there were some way for us to move his chin…

D01_e160_090_selA_1_mes0 [Ryuji]
Aw, c’mon. If we ain’t got anything to do up here, let’s go back.

Kick his face
Move on

D01_e160_090_selB_0_mes0 [Ann]
You startled me! I didn’t think you’d kick it like that all of a sudden…

D01_e160_090_selB_0_mes02 [Morgana]
I think I heard something move, though. Let’s check around and see if anything’s changed.
I’ve gotta say though, Joker—your impulsive behavior can be downright stunning…

D01_e160_090_selB_0_mes03 [Ryuji]
Oh, man! That sight just made my day.
Now let’s go do the same thing to the actual guy!

D01_e160_090_selB_1_mes0 [Ryuji]
Guess we got no choice but to keep looking.

D01_04_e160_090_re [Morgana]
What’s up? Think of something?

An unused field event of kicking the Kamoshida statue’s face to open something. This can be seen in action in the reveal trailer[2] for the game. A restoration can be seen here.[3]

Unused Chat Conversations

White Day Messages

Like Valentine’s Day, you were supposed to receive text messages for White Day to choose your date; Instead, you get a prompt on which date to choose.

Today is… (
Do you… remember what day it is today?

Wait, I don’t mean this to sound like I’m pestering you…

Got it covered.

Okay, I guess…

Then let’s meet at Shibuya Station. I’ll see you there.

Today… (
Do you… know what day it is today?

I confess, I let myself get rather excited…

Got it covered.


Then, let’s meet at Shibuya Station. See you soon.

Today (
So. White Day, huh.

Makes me wonder if you planned anything special for us…

I might have.


Then let’s meet up at Shibuya Station! See you!

Today! (
It’s finally the big day!

And you better not say it’s Pi Day or something. I’m not joking about this!

Don’t worry, I know.

…Okay. Then I’ll see you in Shibuya.

I’ll be waiting. Time to make like a tree!

Today is very important (
The stars dictate that today is a very important day.

…I trust I don’t need to tell you why…?

Don’t worry, I know.

It sounds like you have a plan. I trust you, okay?

Then I’ll be waiting for you.

About today (
So. Today’s White Day, right?

Just a friendly reminder for my forgetful little guinea pig.

I remembered.

Oh yeah? Good.

I’m out for a medical conference today, so we can meet up in Shibuya. See you.

What’s today? (
What day is it today? Not exactly a hard question, right?

Though I know you’re busy, so don’t let me drag you away from some other plans…

My plans involve you.

…Do they now?

Oh, but we can’t meet at school. Let’s head to Shibuya.

Whatcha doing today? (
Got any plans for today? You DO know what day it is, right?

I mean, MY schedule’s totally open. Just saying.

Don’t worry, I know.


Okay, see you soon then!

Um… (
Um… Did you have plans today?

…No, I shouldn’t be so indirect… Honestly, I was hoping we’d get to spend the day together.

We will.

I’m happy to hear that…

Then let’s meet in Shibuya. I’m looking forward to it.

Senpai, you know what day it is? (
Senpai, did you know that today is White Day? Now it’s your turn!

I was really hoping I could see you today. Are you free?

For you, yes.

Then let’s meet up in Shibuya!

I’m going right now! I can hardly wait!

This is Sae. (
This is Sae Niijima. I asked Makoto for your number.

I wanted to apologize to you one more time. In person, if possible.
Do you think you can come to Shibuya tonight?

Let’s meet at the station, then.

Thank you.

Tonight at Shibuya, then. I’ll see you there.

A chat log of Sae asking the protagonist to meet up for that day. When displayed, Sae does not have an icon, instead using Alibaba’s avatar.

Unused DLC Costume Conversations

Under, there’s a series of dialogue of the Phantom Thieves talking about their DLC costumes.



(everyone to) Joker

Oh, you’re in your summer clothes.
Shujin’s polo shirts are pretty cool, aren’t they? They’re easy to move around in too.
But even if it were summer, I ain’t wearin’ that uniform. The clothes I wear already are the best for me.

Joker, you changed.
So that’s Shujin’s summer uniform, huh? Looks pretty comfy, and I bet it keeps you cool too!
I’ve got a summer coat too! Do me a favor and brush me when it grows out, all right?

Oh, you’re in your summer uniform.
Don’t you think those one point polos are comfy and fashionable?
It’s pretty hot out. Maybe I’ll change too.

Ah, is that Shujin’s summer uniform, Joker?
I like the clarity of the white and how cool it must keep you. The design on the shirt is nice as well.

Oh, you changed into Shujin’s summer uniform.
I wonder if black and red is a rare color combination for a school uniform…

Oh, Joker. You’re wearing Shujin’s summer uniform?
How does it feel compared to your previous school’s uniform? I hope that it’s more comfortable for you.
But because it’s so white, people can immediately tell if it’s stained or dirty…

Ooh, is that the summer uniform for Shujin?
Hmm… It does look good on you, but I’ve always wondered about this sort of thing.
What’s the point of going to school in cool clothing when you can just study at home?

Joker, you changed.
Is that Shujin’s summer uniform? We have to wear dress shirts at our school, so I’m a bit envious.
If I remember correctly, you guys were in your summer uniforms when we first met at the TV station, right?

Oh, Senpai, you changed your clothes?
I like simplicity of that summer uniform. It seems so clean and it keeps you cool.

Oh, that’s the winter uniform, yeah?
Well, it looks good on ya, but it’s also kinda like…
It doesn’t feel too different, right? It just makes me think, “Yeah, this is you!”

Oh, Shujin’s winter uniform, huh?
It feels like the usual for you, but it still looks good. I want to try on a uniform one day…

You’re in Shujin’s winter uniform?
Don’t you think our uniforms are pretty fashionable? I love the way they use red, black, and white.

Is that your winter uniform, Joker?
Hm. It does look warm. I also like the simple black and red design.

Oh? You changed into your winter uniform?
It might sound like I’m repeating myself, but it looks good on you. What did the uniform from your previous school look like?

You’re in Shujin’s winter uniform?
It is a little cold today. Maybe I’ll get dressed, too.
Our uniform uses a lot of black, so it might be good for looking like thieves.

Check it out, Shujin’s Winter uniform.
It’s such a pain when schools have different uniforms. I have to ask Sojiro to pull it out from the closet.
I don’t like the heat, so I think I’d default back to my summer uniform.

Is that the winter uniform for Shujin?
Unlike our school’s, it has a darker design… Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s quite nice.
But, if you don’t mind my asking… Did you have a reason for changing into that here?

Oh, you changed, Senpai.
Maybe I shouldn’t say this as a freshman, but I like the relaxed style of Shujin’s winter uniform.
I may have said this before, but you look good in it. You were wearing that when you helped me as well.

Those your casual clothes during the summer? Looks nice and cool.
I’m not a big fan of collared shirts, though.

Oh, Joker. You’re in your summer casual clothing.
Looks pretty good. That black shirt’s perfect for you.

Oh, that’s your summer clothing.
White shirts are the way to go. I think it looks good on you!

Ah, Joker. You changed into your summer casuals.
You manage to make even a plain black shirt look elegant… Perhaps it’s because you’re wearing a white shirt over it.
A single outfit can generate ideas for art… Maybe my next artwork should mainly be black and white.

Joker, you changed into your summer outfit?
It looks good on you. I bet it keeps you cool even if you move around.
But… is it really fit for fighting?

Oh you switched to your casual summer clothing?
Did you fold up your sleeves out of habit? Or is it because it’s hot?
I do the same thing, since I’d get dirt all over me if I didn’t. It lets me move around easier too.

Casual summer clothing, eh, Joker?
That’s what you were wearing when we first met, right? I haven’t forgotten. I mean, that moment was a total game changer.
Thanks again for what you did…

You’ve changed, Joker.
Is that your clothing for the summer? It looks like a good outfit for a hot day.

Oh, Joker-senpai, you changed.
Is that what you wear during the summer? It looks really nice on you.
You have a great form, so no matter what you wear, I’m sure you’ll look good in it.

Oh, winter clothing huh?
Is that warm at all? I don’t wear jackets, so I wouldn’t know.
But I guess it does look good on ya. But, man… You sure have a lot of black and white clothes…

You’re in winter clothing, Joker.
You have a lot of white and black clothes… Are you trying to emulate me? It’s because I’m so cool, isn’t it?

Oh, Joker. You’re in your winter clothing.
It’s hard to make a jacket like that look good, but you really pull it off!

You’re in a different outfit, Joker.
Winter clothing, hm? It suits you well.
That jacket looks warm. It’s chic, and the colors fit well.

Winter clothing, right?
That jacket has a lot of class.
And there are no wrinkles, either… You must have folded it well.

You’re in your winter clothing?
Do you like subdued clothing? I’m so used to seeing you in black now.

Winter outfit, huh…
You look pretty mature in that jacket!

Joker, you changed.
Is that your clothing for the winter? Hm. It has a similar feeling to mine.

Joker-senpai, you changed into your winter outfit?
It looks really nice on you. Do you like it best when your clothes fit snug?

Oh! You’re in your gym clothes.
Those things are so comfortable. You can pretty much wear them whenever.
Oh, dude! Are you gonna go on a jog? Take me with you!

I bet you can move real easily in those!
Gym clothes, right? Maybe they’ll be good for moving around in combat!
It’s not the greatest phantom thief look, though…

Oh, Joker. You’re in your gym clothes?
I mean, it is easy to move around in, but I’m not a big fan of them.
Y’know, it reminds me of the volleyball rally and Kamoshida and all… I do like the red though.

Hm, gym clothing?
It looks good on you. Our school’s gym clothing is a bit more elegant, though.

Oh, you’re in your gym clothes?
It might be easier to investigate in those… Maybe I’ll change too.

Oh, you’re in your gym clothing.
Hm… It looks refreshing, and you’ll be able to move around really well in them. Gym clothes are always so useful.
I always wear mine when I’m in the garden. I also like the design of them.

Hm!? Is that the gym clothing from your school!?
The magical armor that only those with an excellent speed stat can wear!?
Well… it does look good on you. But it’s probably something I’d never wear.

Oh, you changed, Joker.
Is that the gym clothing you wear at Shujin? The red really makes you stand out.

Oh, Senpai, you changed your clothes?
That gym outfit looks really good on you! It’s a good outfit to wear when you’re moving around, and it reminds me of PE!

Hey, uh… Is that your swimwear?
I mean… It’s probably refreshing n’ all…
But the more I look at it, the more I wanna go swimming. Let’s go to one of those fancy heated pools sometime.

Oh, Joker, you’re in your swimsuit!
Good idea! There’s a chance that we’ll be swimming when we go to the Palaces or Mementos.
Yeah right! Why’re you wearing a swimsuit!? A phantom thief would never wear anything like that!

Hey Joker… That’s your swimwear, right?
I don’t have a problem with it, but…
Why do you have that with you? Actually, why are you even wearing that?

What…? You’re wearing your swimsuit?
The vision of your body against the background of the Metaverse paints a beautiful picture…
Hm… Perhaps I should also—
Mm, maybe not.

Huh? You’re in swimwear?
Uh, um…
Isn’t that sort of chilly…? You’re going tocatch a cold.
Wait. Why are you even wearing swimwear right now?

Oh? Is that your swimsuit?
It’s not summer anymore, so I don’t think we can really swim right now…
Oh. I don’t mean to disagree with you, but do be careful not to catch a cold.

Whoa, whoa… Hold on…
Why’re you in your swimsuit?
Is this a fan service episode? Or a special day?
Who’s the fan service even for?

Hm? Is that… your swimwear?
Well, as long as you’re able to fight in that… It’s a bit distracting, though.
Just keep the messing around to a minimum.

J-Joker-senpai!? Why’re you in your swimming shorts?
I do think you look good in them, but I don’t think now’s really the time…
Are you planning to fight in that?

Joker, you changed.
Isn’t that what you wear to bed? I get that it’s comfy, but… you sure you’re gonna be able to fight in those?

Huh, you’re in your loungewear.
Well then, we should get to sleep.
C’mon! That’s not what we’re here to do! Why’re you wearing that here!?

Oh, Joker… You’re in loungewear?
It has a simple design. That sounds like fun… Maybe I’ll change too.
Wait, what am I thinking? Are you serious? Can you steal anything in that?

Joker, is that what you wear at home?
I dress like that when I draw, but I think that attire is a bit too relaxed for a place like this…
But wait… Are you perhaps wearing that to calm yourself down? Impressive…

Jo-Joker, you’re in your loungewear?
I understand that you want to relax, but… I think you should consider where we are.
Although on the other hand, I suppose you could fight easier if you’re relaxed. Hmm…

Joker, you’re wearing your loungewear?
It’s the same shade of black as coffee. I like it.
I feel like it doesn’t really match what we’re doing… But I suppose if you can move around easier, that’s fine.

Whoa! Joker! You’re in your loungewear!?
I like it! In clothes like that, you can fully relax and hit your maximum potential!
But… Queen does seem a little upset, so be careful… Actually, let’s just have you not wear that.

Joker, aren’t those the clothes you wear at home?
I guess you can wear whatever you want, but wearing that here feels inappropriate…

Joker-senpai, you’re in your loungewear.
I usually wear loungewear like that when I stretch. I feel like it relaxes my body more, too.
*giggle* I feel lucky that I get to see a different side of you.

Oh huh, you’re in a different outfit.
Gekkoukan High School’s uniform? Oh, that’s that one school near Odaiba.
It’s not a bad look. What’s with that little armband… S.E.E.S.? Like the ocean…?

That’s a different outfit, huh Joker?
Gekkoukan High School? What a unique name.
You look pretty cool in that!

Oh, doesn’t that outfit look cool, Joker?
The colors aren’t too flashy, and that band is pretty stylish too.

You’re in a different uniform…
That’s from… Gekkoukan High School, correct? It’s quite nice, actually.
The emblem and band are quite interesting, but what do the green and yellow pins mean…?

You changed your outfit, Joker?
That’s the uniform from Gekkoukan High School, right? I heard that a famous student council president went to that school.
She’s knowledgeable, talented, and beautiful. Not to mention she’s the heiress of a wealthy company.

Oh Joker, you changed.
Isn’t that the Gekkoukan High School uniform? That’s a really popular school by the sea in Odaiba.
Apparently the students there go to school on a monorail. Isn’t it wonderful that they get to go to school while viewing the ocean?

Whoa, Joker you changed.
Ooh, Gekkoukan High School right? It’s well known for it being in Odaiba. I’ve heard of them.
But what’s with the gun…?

Joker, did you change?
That’s the uniform of Gekkoukan High School. It has quite a history, having been built by one of the world’s top corporations.
And that gun on your hip… I’ve never seen one like it.

Oh, Joker-senpai. You changed.
I think that’s the uniform from Gekkoukan High School. I hear they put in a lot of effort in their athletic clubs.
They’re well known for their Kendo, Track, and Swim teams. Their women’s tennis and volleyball teams are also really strong.

Oh nice! That’s a great uniform, Joker!
Man, that is THE uniform for guys. Ours isn’t bad, but still…
Which school is that even from? You look like one of those “kingpin” type guys.

Oh, Sensei, you’re in a different outfit.
That type of uniform’s called a “gakuran,” right? With the solid dark design and the buttons? Lookin’ good, Joker.
Wait, did I say something weird…?

Hey Joker, what kind of uniform is that?
Oh it’s from Yasogami High school? I’ve never heard of it.
Everything looks good on you, Joker. You’re like a…
Kingpin of fashion.

You’ve changed, Joker.
That uniform has a rather old style, but it looks good on you. Especially those open buttons, and even the upturned collar…
It’s so fashionable!

Oh, Joker. You changed your outfit.
That school uniform suits you well.
I wish you would close those buttons, though…

Oh, you’re in a different outfit, Joker.
It’s a uniform from Yasogami High School? I don’t usually see those types of uniforms, but it looks very good on you.
I wonder why… For some reason I just saw you dressed up like a girl for a second… Oh! I’m sorry for saying something so strange.

Oh, Joker, you changed.
Holy crap, is that a gakuran!? That’s a super rare item distributed to only a few players in one of my MMOs!
For a sec I was sure you’d gotten your hands on one, darn… Oh, uh, but it looks good on you, yeah. You look OP.

You changed, Joker?
That uniform’s from Yasogami High School, isn’t it? It’s the school that the first Detective Prince used to attend.
That detective was the one who led the case on the mysterious murders that occurred in a city covered in deep fog.
We ought to make sure that we don’t fall behind.

You changed outfits, Joker-senpai.
That suits you really well! It makes you look like a rebel!
Oh, and your glasses are different too, aren’t they? But those glasses are just as good. Hee hee.

Hey, Joker, you’re in a different outfit, huh…
Never seen that uniform before… Where’s it from?
It says… “St. Hermelin High School.” Whoa! Sounds so cool!

Oh, you changed, Joker.
It’s pretty different from Shujin’s, huh. Looks pretty good on you.
So… Where’s my uniform?

You’re in a different outfit, Joker.
I’ve never seen that uniform before, but the simple colors makes it look really new and refreshing!

Ah, you’ve changed clothes, Joker.
An uniform from St. Hermelin High School? Hm, I’ve never heard of it before unfortunately.
But, I do like the design. The dark green really emphasizes the emblem.

I see you changed, Joker.
A uniform from St. Hermelin High School…? Hmm. Sorry, but I’ve never heard of it.

Trying something different?
It’s from St. Hermelin High School? Hm, I’ve never heard of it before.
I believe the word hermelin is French for “stoat.”
I wonder if the emblem has a stoat drawn on it…

Ooh, that’s a different outfit Joker.
St. Hermelin? Never heard of it. Not really good with schools.
It looks good on you. I approve!

Joker, you changed.
The uniform from St. Hermelin High? Hm, I’ve never heard of that school.
I’m so used to seeing you in black, but you look nice in pale colors as well… I have to admit I’m a little jealous.

Joker-senpai. You’re in a different uniform.
St. Hermelin? No… I’ve never heard of it. With such a unique name, I’m sure I’d remember if I’d heard it before.
Oh! But I do think it looks good on you! That simple design really evokes some strong emotions, you know?

Oh, you changed.
Seven Sisters High School? Nah, never heard of it.
It’s super cool though! Like, it’s got a cool style, but it’s also got a touch of wildness at the same time!

Oh, you changed, Joker.
It’s definitely different from Shujin’s uniform. But you sure look good in black.
We’re kinda matching now.

You’re in a different outfit, Joker.
It’s from Seven Sisters High School? That white and black uniform makes you look so mature!

Ah, Joker. You changed uniforms.
Seven Sisters High School? I’ve never heard of it.
But the design is amazing. The white and black seem to represent the concepts of sin and punishment…
…What am I saying. Don’t mind me.

I see you changed, Joker.
It’s a uniform from Seven Sisters High School? I don’t know of that school, but it looks good on you.
I wonder if the little star on your chest represents the seven sisters…

Oh, you’re in a different outfit, Joker.
It’s from a school called Seven Sisters? That’s quite an unusual name, but I’ve never heard of it before.
The design of the collar is really nice. I wonder if the girl’s uniform is like that as well.

Ooh, that’s a different outfit, Joker.
Seven Sisters High School…? I’ve got no clue, but that uniform looks pretty cool.
The necktie looks good on it too, but definitely not for me… I’d be way too paranoid about it choking me for sure.

Hey, Joker. You’re in a different outfit.
That’s the uniform from Seven Sisters High School, right? I’ve heard of it before.
It does look good on you, but why are you wearing it? Are you planning on transferring schools?

Joker-senpai, you’ve changed.
A uniform from Seven Sisters High School? No, I’ve never heard of it before.
That black really looks good on you, Joker-senpai!
I’ve always been curious. Do you like black, Senpai?

Oh, you changed.
I’ve never seen you wear this before. I feel like pink isn’t really your color, Joker.
And you’ve got some dark circles under your eyes… You gettin’ enough sleep?

Oh, you’re in casual clothes?
I’m not used to seeing you in clothes like this… I didn’t even know you owned any like this.
What? I look like a sheep?
What the hell!? I’m a cat! Wait—I mean I’m NOT a cat!

Oh, you’ve changed, Joker.
Those clothes are really mature. It looks good on you, but…
It also makes you look indecisive!

Is that your casual clothing, Joker?
It could just be the clothes, but… you seem a little tired.
Hm? You haven’t been sleeping well? Are you having nightmares?

That’s some unusual clothing for you, Joker.
Um, it’s not that it looks bad on you or anything… but it just doesn’t seem like you…
Are you hiding something from me? Have you been going to bars?

Are those your casual clothes, Joker?
This is just my opinion, but you look a little unreliable…
Are you troubled? Maybe something to do with a woman?

Ooh, Joker, you changed.
Hmmm… You kinda look suspicious.
It makes you look like a foreigner and gives you an easygoing, carefree kind of vibe.

Hm? Did you change your outfit?
This might sound rude, but that outfit doesn’t seem fit for a thief. It’s more like what one would wear for lazing around.
You’ve even got dark circles around your eyes… Have you been getting enough sleep?

Joker-senpai, you changed.
Um… I feel a bit awkward saying this, but…
You seem like you don’t have things under control wearing that… Please be careful.

You’ve changed, Joker.
That outfit’s real blue… That a uniform from another school?
Those headphones are pretty cool… What’s with that thing in your hand though? Some kind of machine?

Whoa! Those are some slick headphones, Joker!
I like the vivid colors, it looks pretty good! Huh… so it’s a uniform from Karukozaka High School?
But I guess you can’t really call yourself a phantom thief in that outfit. That’s an important thing to keep in mind, Joker.

Wow, Joker! That’s a fashionable outfit!
The blue blazer looks good with those blue and green colored pants. And I’ll give you extra points for those black headphones.
It does seem a little old, but you look really good in it, Joker. Very nice!

Joker, where is that uniform from?
Karukozaka High School? I’m afraid I’ve never heard of it.
But the design and colors are wonderful. You can really see the designer’s commitment.
Those pants are so colorful. It’s simply amazing.

Oh, Joker. Isn’t that Karukozaka High School’s uniform?
The blue really catches the eye. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s from Karukozaka.
I mean, it’s not against school regulations, but doesn’t your neck get tired from those headphones after a while?

Joker, you’re not in your normal uniform.
It’s from Karukozaka High School? Is that near our school?
I really like the colors on those pants. I wonder if the colors wear off in the washing machine…

You changed, Joker.
That’s some pretty blue clothing…
What’re the specs on those headphones? Want me to find you a better pair?

Hey, Joker. You’re wearing some unusual clothes.
Karukozaka High? No, frankly I’ve never heard of it.
I do like the design, but it stands out quite a bit. It’s not suited for any detective work.

Joker-senpai. You’re wearing some colorful clothing today!
It’s from Karukozaka High School? I’ve never heard of it, no.
What is that machine on your left hand? And those headphones… What’re they for?

Joker, what’s with the outfit? You a butler now?
Guess I gotta make a request then…
All right! Go buy me some bread! …Wait, is that even how this works?

Hm? Are you wearing a butler outfit?
Great, there was something I needed done.
First of all, I want to eat some sushi! Oh, wait… That’d just be ordering to-go, huh.

Joker, you look good in a butler outfit!
I wonder what I should ask for…
I know! Go buy me a crepe! With extra cream and chocolate sauce!

Hm? You’re wearing a butler outfit…
Then please, listen to my request!
I want you to come with me to the end of day sale at the supermarket.
The 50% off tofu is limited to 3 per customer, but if you join me, we can get up to 6…

Oh, you’re a butler now. What should I ask you to do…
Hm, how about this. Go buy me all of the reference books at the school store.
*chuckle* I’m just kidding. I know the answers to almost all the questions anyway.

Is that a butler outfit, Joker?
It’s interesting to see you in something like that. Will you listen to my request?
Make me a cup of coffee… Although, I guess that’s the same as Leblanc.

You’re a butler? Are you into that kind of thing?
Eh, whatever. Oh, oh! Listen to my request!
Practice playing games with me! If you can beat me, I’ll set you free!

Oh, Joker. You’re in a butler outfit.
If you’re a butler, I suppose I’ll ask you for something… Just kidding.

Joker-senpai, you’ve changed outfits! You’re a… butler now?
Um… If you’re a butler, does that mean you’ll listen to my requests?

Merry Christmas…! Wait, is it really that time?
Santa, huh? I wonder what I should ask for…
I guess some muscle training goods would be nice.

Merry Christmas! Wait… Is it that season already?
That’s a Santa outfit, right? Hmm… I wonder what I should ask for…
All right! I’m gonna go with sushi! Make sure it’s a real good one!

Merry Christmas! Is it that time aleady?
Well, you are in a Santa outfit… What do I want…
Hmm… I think I’d like a game. I’ll probably end up playing one anyways.

Santa clothing, hm? Is it really that time?
What shall I ask for…
Hmm, art tools…? No, perhaps money for transportation…?

A Santa outfit? Is it that season already?
What should I ask for this year… Maybe a pair of motorcycle gloves.
I want to start biking after I start college.

Oh? A Santa outfit? I wonder what I should ask for…
Perhaps I’ll ask for some hard-to-find plants.
It shouldn’t be difficult for you, Mr. Claus. You fly all around the world anyway, yes?

Is that a Santa Costume? Is it that season already?
What should I ask for this year… Oh! I want some computer parts!
Aaactually, now that I think about it… I’d want to pick and choose myself, so maybe not.

A Santa costume? What’s gotten into you, Joker?
I suppose letting loose is still important. Are you going to ask for what I want?
Hmm… If that’s the case…
I’d like to continue competing against you.

Joker-senpai, are you in a Santa costume?
Um, it’s past Christmas already…
Oh! Is it so that if I ask you now, you’d be able to get what I want next Christmas!?

Hey, you’re in dancing attire!
You look real badass in that. Fighting rhythmically actually sounds kinda fun!

Whoa! Nice dancing attire!
It looks good on you, Joker! You’ve even still got the look of a phantom thief!

Is that what you wear when you dance?
That red scarf and glasses make you look so energetic. You look like a real entertaining performer!

Oh? Do you wear that when you dance?
It’s said that a powerful picture and uplifting dance are quite alike… Very well, I shall change as well to gain inspiration.

Oh, you’re in dancing attire, Joker.
It’s good for moving around in, which might not be bad for this kind of work… Maybe I’ll get changed, too.

Joker, is that your dancing attire?
That star really pops out. I bet it’s a good outfit for upbeat, fast tempo songs!

Ooh! Isn’t that your dancing attire!?
So this is what people at wild parties would wear to raise the roof… Something I’ll probably never experience firsthand…

Is that dancing attire?
Well, it does look good on you… but does it really match what we’re doing now?
Well, even if it’s a dance competition, I won’t lose. Even detectives should be able to dance elegantly.

Joker-senpai, that outfit…
Oh! That’s what you wear when you dance? No wonder it looks so comfortable to move in!
I always thought you were the type to wear more sophisticated fashion, but more casual clothes look good on you too!

Whoa! What the heck are you wearing!?
Shadow… Ops? Is that for a party or somethin’?
So they’re a group of people who also fight Shadows… But damn, that outfit looks sick! It makes you look like a security officer!

Wow, Joker! What is that outfit?
It’s the uniform of a special force who takes down Shadows too? Huh, not bad at all!
But… That tuxedo, that mask… You don’t have any roses, do you?

Wha—!? What kind of clothing is that!?
Shadow… Ops? Sorry, I have no idea what that is.
But that sure looks sturdy. You look like you’d be a reliable bodyguard in that!

Hm? Joker, what is that intriguing attire?
Shadow Ops? I can’t say I know what that is, but I do like the design.
It is a suit, but at the same time, it is armor. Does it have good defensive properties?

Those are some unusual clothes, Joker.
A special force called the Shadow Ops? No, I’m afraid I’ve never heard of them.
They’re a special force, so maybe they’re related to the police. Maybe I’ll ask Sis about it.

You’re wearing an awfully strange outfit, Joker.
A special force called the Shadow Ops? Hmm, I haven’t heard of them before.
Are they a force that research Shadows? Oh, or are they people who fight against Shadows?

Holy crap! That looks so cool, Joker!
Shadow Ops? Nope, no idea.
I tried looking it up online, but there’s no info on it. Is it a secret organization?

Hey Joker. That’s… the Shadow Ops outfit isn’t it?
I heard about them from Sae-san as a rumor, but I never believed they actually existed.
I was able to tell with that S.W. on your arm. You look a bit like a case investigator.

Joker-senpai, what is that clothing you’re wearing?
Security Department, Shadow Response Unit…? It’s reassuring that there are others fighting Shadows along with us!
Um, well… I do think you look good in it, but… That mask you’re wearing seems like one you’d wear at a masquerade ball.

You’re in a weird outfit, Joker.
Ohh, a samurai outfit, huh? Looks pretty good on ya!
It’s a bit different from the samurai I know, but this is just as good!

That’s a strange outfit, Joker.
Samurai Garb? Doesn’t really look like something that a phantom thief would wear, but it looks good on you.

I’ve never seen an outfit like that before, Joker.
Huh? Samurai Garb…?
It’s a fresh new look for you. You look like you came straight out of a fantasy world!

Oh, you’re in unusual attire, Joker.
A samurai? That’s preposterous. I’ve never seen a samurai who dressed like this.

Joker, what is that you’re wearing?
You’re supposed to be a samurai? That… doesn’t look like any samurai I’ve seen before.
*chuckle* But it does look good on you. You look a bit like a medieval knight.

Oh, that’s an interesting outfit, Joker.
It’s called Samurai Garb? It’s a bit different from the samurai I know of…
The belt looks a little Western…?
But either way, you do look courageous. Oh, brave samurai, please protect this fair damsel. *chuckle*

The last ninja!
Huh? It’s a samurai outfit? So you’re not gonna use any cool ninjutsu or anything?
Are you sure you’re a samurai? What’s with the belt? Where’s your sword? Are you sure you don’t have any shuriken?

What is that you’re wearing, Joker?
Samurai? What… Are you certain?
Oh, I see now. It’s not the samurai we know… Still, keep the cosplaying to a minimum, okay?

Joker-senpai, you changed.
This is… a samurai? Hmm… It’s a little different from what I imagined…
But it looks really good on you!

Whoa, what the? When did you become a bookworm!?
It’s a uniform from Yumizuki Imperial High School? How long ago was that founded…?
Not that it looks bad on you, but what’s with all those tubes…?

I see you’ve changed, Joker.
It looks like something from an older time, but it looks good on you! You look like a student, but also like a detective.
You do look like a phantom thief with that cape… Do you have one I could wear, too?

O-Oh, Joker, you changed…
How do I put this… It looks like something ancient that only a really bookish student would wear…
I mean, it looks good, but uh… I wouldn’t want to be seen with you in public.

Those are some rather odd clothes, Joker.
It seems rather old, but it has a sense of uniqueness that we probably won’t see recreated with fashion in our lifetimes.
I’m getting the desire to start sketching… Sorry, but would you mind staying still for about an hour?

That’s… quite the outfit, Joker.
A uniform from Yumizuki Imperial High? Hmm… I don’t think I’ve heard of it before.
But, it’s unusual to see a cape on a uniform… I wonder if it’s part of a trend.

Wow, that’s such a unique uniform.
So that’s the uniform from Yumizuki Imperial High School. I wonder how long that school has been around.
This is my opinion, and it might sound rude, but for some reason looking at it makes me crave daigakuimo.

The heck is that outfit, Joker?
Nnh… What award do they give out for yearbooks, it’s on the tip of my tongue…
Ah! I remember! You get the best dressed award!

Joker. That’s quite the strange uniform.
Yumizuki Imperial High School? I’ve never heard of them. Is it a school from an older time period?
That sword and gun you have look nice as well, but… if you wore that in reality, you’d probably be arrested.

That’s an unusual uniform, Joker-senpai.
I’ve never seen a uniform like that before… It makes me feel sort of nostalgic.
You look more like a military police officer than a student. You even have a sword and a gun!

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P [Ryuji]
Oh, you changed into your dancing outfit, Joker.
Is that shirt you’re wearin’ from Shujin?
When you wear it like that, it kinda makes it look cool!

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P2 [Morgana]
I see you’re in dancing attire, Joker.
I like that red scarf on you!
Maybe I should change the color of my scarf, too…

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P3 [Ann]
Joker, you changed into a dancing outfit?
Depending on how you wear it, don’t you think Shujin Academy’s uniform is actually kinda fashionable?
The red on the gloves and sneakers are a nice accent, too!

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P4 [Yusuke]
Oh, you changed Joker.
Is that outfit for dancing? It suits you nicely.
Are you certain those headphones won’t get in the way when you dance?

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P5 [Makoto]
Is that an outfit you wear for dancing?
Wait, but that’s Shujin Academy’s uniform!
Try not to make the uniform look too casual, please… By the way, can you really dance in that?

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P6 [Haru]
Oh, Joker. You’re in a different outfit.
It’s for dancing? It suits you quite nicely!
I like the feeling the red gloves give off. It’s befitting of a phantom thief.

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P7 [Futaba]
Oh, you changed.
Nice dancing clothes! They look good on you.
Loving the headphones too. Music is super important when you’re dancing.

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P8 [Akechi]
I see you’ve changed into a dancing outfit, Joker.
Perhaps we should have a dance competition this time?
Only kidding. I don’t have much experience with dancing anyhow.

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC01_P9 [Kasumi]
Joker-senpai, you’re in a different outfit.
Dancing clothes?
Come to think of it, I ended up dancing by myself at the school festival, didn’t I?
If you wear that, maybe we can dance together, hee hee… Just teasing!

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P [Ryuji]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P2 [Morgana]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P3 [Ann]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P4 [Yusuke]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P5 [Makoto]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P6 [Haru]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P7 [Futaba]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P8 [Akechi]

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC01_P9 [Kasumi]

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC0 [Ryuji]
You changed, Joker.
You’re a bellboy now? Why do you even have that outfit?
But man, it sure looks cool!

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC02 [Morgana]
Oh, you changed.
What is it, though? Some kind of uniform, right?
I like that shade of blue. It’s really calming to look at.

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC03 [Ann]
Oh, you changed, Joker.
Is that… a bellboy uniform? It’s really, um… unique.

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC04 [Yusuke]
I see you’ve changed, Joker.
What an exquisite shade of blue that is…
I apologize. I was simply fascinated by that color. I’d like to use it in an art piece.

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC05 [Makoto]
Oh, you changed your outfit.
A bellboy uniform? It looks good on you.
But why are you dressed as a bellboy? It’s an odd color for that sort of uniform, too.

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC06 [Haru]
Oh Joker, you’re a bellboy now?
I’ve never seen a uniform like this, but it’s such a lovely shade of blue.
Is it from a well known hotel?

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC07 [Futaba]
Huh… you’re wearing a bellboy outfit.
Cool, I’ve never seen one like that before.
But is that really the color for a bellboy uniform? I’ve never heard of one being blue before…

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC08 [Akechi]
Oh, you changed?
Hmm… That’s a nice bellboy uniform. Did you start a new job?

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC09 [Kasumi]
You changed clothes, Joker-senpai.
Is that a hotel bellboy uniform? It’s pretty unique.
It’s a little different than what you usually wear, but blue suits you nicely too.

Oh! You’re Neo-Featherman!
I’ve loved it since I was a kid! They were my heroes growing up!
I call the red one!
Wait, you’re red already!

Whoa, that’s such a cool outfit, Joker!
You’re more of a hero than a phantom thief in that, but it looks so awesome that I can ignore that!
Justice and coolness are one and the same!

That’s you in there, right, Joker?
Neo-Featherman, right? Where did you even find that outfit…?
Um… Not that it doesn’t look good on you…
But please don’t wear that when we hang out… EVER.

That’s quite an outfit, Joker.
Are you cosplaying one of those figures that Futaba has in her room?
When I look at it like this, it isn’t so bad. I’d never thought it would look like this.

Oh, you changed, Jo… ker?
Ah, it’s Featherman… I see. Yes, I know it. I went to the shows with my dad when I was little.
But that looks just like the real thing… What is it made out of?

Oh, is that Neo-Featherman?
*chuckle* I’m a little surprised you enjoy this sort of thing, Joker. I watched that show when I was little.
I do understand the feeling of wanting to be a hero though. I’ve always admired heroines with transformations too.

Whoaaa! Holy crap, it’s Neo-Featherman! That’s so cool!!!
Your style and just everything is near perfection! Even I, the biggest Featherman fan on the team, approve of this outfit!
All right. Time to go binge Featherman.

Oh, Joker. That’s from Phoenix Ranger Neo-Featherman, correct?
They’re heroes admired by children, and despite its age, the show is still quite popular.
But, you might want to consider cutting back on cosplaying. You’re not a child anymore.

Huh!? Who’re you!?
Oh, it’s just you, Joker-senpai. You surprised me.
Neo-Featherman? I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of them…
But I think it looks really nice! …I think.

Whoa, who the hell’re you!?
Oh, it’s you Joker. What the heck are you wearing? That a helmet?
It looks so weird, all gold n’ stuff. Kinda looks more like a bucket than a helmet.

Wha—! Wh-Who’re you!?
Oh, it’s just you, Joker. Don’t scare me like that.
But man, that bucket looks pretty cool! I bet you could use it as a helmet!
Huh? It’s the other way around? What do you mean…?

Joker? I wouldn’t believe it if I couldn’t hear your voice…
That’s a helmet, right? I can’t tell who you are when you’re wearing that.
It’s, um… really unique.
N-No, I’m definitely not thinking that it just looks like a golden bucket.

Hm? What a strange looking helmet…
I wonder what sort of motif it’s meant to hold. It simply looks like a bucket to me.
I think it’s perfect for you, Skull.
Hm? Wait a moment, Skull is over there… Joker!?

Wha— Who are you!?
Oh, Joker… Don’t startle me like that, please.
I thought some kind of ghost with a bucket showed up… At least take it off in the Safe Room.

Umm… you’re Joker, right?
Phew, I’m glad I was correct. What happened? Why are you wearing a bucket?
Huh!? It’s not a bucket? But… It really looks like one…

Dang! That looks awesome!
Joker, right? I couldn’t tell at all with that helmet.
That pipe near your mouth is for breathing, right? Why doesn’t it make that “pshhh” sound?

Why are you wearing a Demonica suit, Joker?
Hm? How did I know it was you?
I could tell by looking at your suit, of course. They’re made to perfectly fit the wearer.
Though I wish it would change the shape of the helmet as well…

J-Joker-senpai… right?
I can’t tell who you are when you have that helmet on.
Are you really comfortable in that? It looks like just a bucket to me.

Oh, that’s the Demonica Suit, right?
It kinda looks like army clothes or something… I’m not really sure though.
Maybe the guy at the airsoft shop would know.

Oh, Joker. You’re in a Demonica Suit.
I guess it’s a given, but ’cause it’s a suit for the military you can equip it with various things.
It might get a little heavy, but maybe you can even put in some infiltration tools.

Oh, Joker. You changed clothes.
Hey, that looks really heavy… Are you sure you can fight like that?
It’s probably tough carrying that by yourself… Hopefully someone will offer to help you with that!

Oh, you’ve put on a Demonica suit.
It looks quite sturdy. I suppose that would be because it is made for combat.
What is that golden device on your back? What is it for?
It looks as though it would be difficult to fight in that…

Oh, Joker. You’re in a Demonica suit.
Did you know that even though the suits are the same, you can tell whose it is by looking more closely at it?
The color of each suit’s arm is different for each person. It looks like yours is white.
With that knowledge, we can tell who you are even with that bucke— I mean, with that helmet on.

Oh, you’re wearing, um… a Demonica suit, is that right?
That vest looks very useful. It looks like you could equip it with all sorts of tools… Maybe it would be good for gardening.
I have to use shovels, ropes, and all sorts of other supplies, but they just don’t fit in the pockets of my gym clothes.

Ooh, Joker. Nice Demonica suit.
I hear you can install applications in that suit.
I wonder what type of apps it has already. You think I could develop one for it?
Then I can install it on everyone else’s suits too! You can thank me anytime, mwehehe.

I see you’ve changed, Joker. I believe this is the Demonica Suit right?
From the color and equipment, it looks to be a suit that’s specially made for combat.
With the way it’s equipped, it may be good to wear into a Palace.
By the way, what is that tank that you have on your back? Can you go underwater with that?

Joker-senpai, you changed.
Um, that’s the Demonica suit, correct?
It seems like you can carry a lot more than you can in your phantom thief outfit. I bet having so much space really helps.
But, um… Is that tank on your back really necessary?

Holy crap, what happened to your face!?
J-Joker!? Man, I almost didn’t recognize you.
What the hell is that even…? A mascot costume or somethin’?
Usually you look cool, but with this you look kinda cute instead!

DRESSTALK_PQ2_PC01_PC03 [Morgana]
Whoa, what’s with your head!?
What are you supposed to be? Is this a cosplay or something?
I don’t really get it but there’s something about that outfit…
It almost makes you look kind of cuddly?

Why is your head so big!?
You look totally weird!
That’s you in there, right Joker? Is that a costume? Or some kind of phantom thief merchandise…?
Oh… But now that I look at it more, it’s kinda cute.

DRESSTALK_PQ2_PC01_PC05 [Yusuke]
…Joker, what is that?
Is it a costume? The skin is strangely well made…
Still, it’s a bit cute. It’s incredible how much a simple change of fashion can change someone.

DRESSTALK_PQ2_PC01_PC06 [Makoto]
Joker, is that you?
It looked like a costume, so I wasn’t sure if it was you in there or not.
But the skin almost feels human… What exactly is this made of…?

Oh my goodness! How adorable!
Oh, I apologize. I just couldn’t resist. You look so cute all of a sudden!
You seem like you would be nice to cuddle… *giggle* It’s just so cute.

DRESSTALK_PQ2_PC01_PC08 [Futaba]
Joker… Why’s your head so big?
Actually, everything about you’s kinda weird. Is this a new form or something?
The more I look at it, the more it makes my heart feel all warm and squishy…
Joker used extreme cuteness! It’s super effective!

DRESSTALK_PQ2_PC01_PC09 [Akechi]
Joker, what are you wearing?
I suppose it’s a custom made costume, but it makes you seem quite different than usual.
Actually, can you even see me in there? …Joker? Heeey!

DRESSTALK_PQ2_PC01_PC10 [Kasumi]
Huh!? What is that?
Joker-senpai… Is that you? Are you wearing a costume?
I don’t know how to put it, but you look really cute… Oh, when I say cute, I just mean it looks really good on you!


Heheh, I’m in my summer uniform.
These clothes are so nice and cool, you know? And they’re so easy to move in!

Check it out, I’m in my winter uniform.
I’ve only worn it for ’bout a year, but Shujin’s uniform feels so right.
How do you like the yellow shirt? It’s badass, right!?

Ta-dah! Check out my casual clothes. Just ’cause I’m in track doesn’t mean I’m only workin’ out my legs.
I’ve got some arm muscles too!

Yo, check out my winter clothes.
Parkas are so useful, ain’t they? You can just cover your head if it rains or snows.
I totally get why Panther’s always wearin’ one.

Yo. These are my gym clothes.
I usually wear this when I’m trainin’ or doin’ track, but it just fits me so nice!
Welp, I’mma go and run! …Huh? Not right now?

Check it out, swim shorts!
It’s kinda cold, but wearin’ these gets me feelin’ pumped.
So, what’s the plan? We gonna leave and hit the pool?
…You want me to investigate in these!? For real!?


Check this out, it’s the Gekkoukan High uniform.
It’s so fashionable ain’t it? And imagine goin’ to a school near the ocean… Damn, I’m kinda jealous.
But y’know, there’s something I’m kinda wonderin’ about… Why’s there a handgun on my hip?

Yo. This is Yasogami High’s uniform.
Man, I just love these types of uniforms. And ain’t these sunglasses rad?

Yo, check it out. This is St. Hermelin’s uniform.
It’s light green overall, but it ain’t too bad.
This is gonna sound kinda weird, but…
Wearing this makes me think of my past. Like, where it all started…

So this is the Seven Sister’s uniform…
They call the place “Sevens” or something, right?
I thought it was kinda lame, but it sounds a little cooler when you say it out loud.

Hey, I changed up my look a bit. Pretty fashionable, right?
It’s so mature! I bet if I went to a bar like this, they’d have no clue how old I was.

I’m tryin’ a different look.
This is Karukozaka’s uniform. The pants are a little fancy for my tastes but it ain’t bad, right?
Ugh, these headphones are giving me a neck ache… What’s this machine on my hand s’posed to be for, anyway?

So I’m wearin’ a butler outfit…
Is this the kinda stuff girls’re into right now? I feel real stiff in this getup…
Eh, might as well give it a try since I’m dressed up anyway.
Welcome home, master!
Ughhh, nope, no way. I can’t stand it.

Huh. Santa’s clothes, right?
I mean, it looks cool n’ all, but…
Why’s it make me look like I’m stealin’ presents instead of handing ’em out?

Check out my dancing clothes, dude!
All right! I’m feelin’ the hype! C’mon Joker, let’s dance!
Students in the light, Thieves in the dark! If ya got a Palace, we’ll steal your heart! Whaddya think?

I’m in the Shadow Ops uniform!
I feel like an action movie hero when I’m in this.
Maybe we can catch some aliens or cryptids!

So this is a samurai outfit…
Y’know, this isn’t what I thought samurai looked like.
But the outfit’s cool, so whatever!

Hey Joker, check out my uniform.
So it’s from Yumizuki Imperial High School… Where’s that at?
Eh, whatever. As long as it looks good! Man though, this kinda uniform makes you feel ready for anything.

DRESSTALK_P5Dance_PC02 [Ryuji]
Yo Joker, check out my dancing clothes.
What do you think ’bout the bandana? I had to get the one with the skull on it. Y’know, since I’m Skull?
Not bad, right?

DRESSTALK_P3Dance_PC02 [Ryuji]

DRESSTALK_velvetroom_PC010 [Ryuji]
Check this out, Joker.
This uniform’s like those guys at hotels, right?
I think it looks pretty cool.
If only our school uniforms were like this. Maybe I’d actually go to school wearing the right clothes.

Phoenix Ranger Neo-Featherman! I’m Feather Yellow!
Awright! This is so awesome! This is definitely in my top 3 of “Outfits I wanna wear”!
I, Sku— I mean, Feather Yellow, will defeat the evil Shadows!

Hey Joker.
This helmet is amazing. It’s so sturdy, but it’s still super light.
It’s badass. The gold’s cool too… It’s like I’m the bad guy from an anime.

Check me out in my Demonica suit!
It’s a perfect fit for me, and super easy to move around in.
So what’s with the golden tools? How do we use these?

Hey, so, I tried this… thing on.
What the hell is this costume? It makes me feel, uh… What’s it called…
I feel like I’m a bit cuter in this? That’s kinda embarrassing, though.









Wardrobe change complete!
Er, wait. It’s not what you think. Wearing this outfit just made me want to talk like that, that’s all!
I suddenly have the urge to eliminate Shadows… What is up with this outfit!?

For some reason, I feel like calling you “sensei”…
Wonder if it has to do something with this outfit…
I feel like I’m forgetting something… beary important…

How’s this? It’s a new outfit.
So Joker, are you injured at all? I’ll heal you if you need it.
It’ll cost you though! The world runs on give-and-take, right?

How’s this? It’s a new outfit.
So Joker, are you injured at all? I’ll heal you if you need it.
It’ll cost you though! The world runs on give-and-take, right?

One little sheep… Two little sheep…
Hehehe, what do you think of my sheep costume, Joker?
Wait a sec, I’m not a sheep! I’m a cat!
W-Wait, I’m not a cat either!

Joker, look at my new costume!
What do you think? I feel a lot smarter in this.

Hey Joker, why am I in a maid outfit…?
I’m n

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